Medical Scool Application workshop no. 6 Scholarships and MCAT

Following on previous workshops, the November one was dedicated to Awards and Scholarships,  MCAT and Kaplan MCAT prep, presentations and Q&A with two medical students from University of Toronto, and an overview of American University of Barbados  Medical School info session. Dr. Silverman presented tips for getting nominations, scholarships and awards in order to differentiate and turn complient application in competitive ones. Next, Dr. Gary Brar, Director of Admissions presentedan info session about the medical program at the American University of Barbados Medical School. The Barbados authority representatative in Toronto also presented th edirect flight program to Barbados as well as presentation of the beautiful vacation paradise of Barbados. Two medical school students, Lucy Duan and Inna Genkin, now in their second year at University of Toronto presented their journey to medical school and were literally bombed with questions for aspiring medical students. Extremely informative was also the presentation of MCAT preparation course for MCAT test delivered with superb teaching skills by Adam Ray from Kaplan MCAT prep. This workshop was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Lucian Gavrila, Professor Emeritus, who passed away in October.
5:15-5:30 How to get nominations, awards, and scholarships that will turn your compliant application in a stellar one Dr. Rosalind Silverman
5:30-5:50 American University of Barbados Medical School info session-Dr. Gary Brar, Director of Admissions
5:50:6:20 Our journey to University of Toronto Medical School- Lucy Duan and Inna Genkin, medical students
6:20-6:45 A roadmap for a successful MCAT test with KaplanMCAT prep- Adam Ray
6:45-7:00 General Q&A followed by Models of Human Diseases meeting-everyone interested to join is welcome  (
Date: November 21st, 2012
Time: 5:15 pm
Location: Fitzgerald Building, 150 College Street, room 103, University of Toronto
Slide4 Slide5 Slide6-Dr. Rosalind Silverman