Medical School Application Workshop no. 5 Global experience, MD/PHD

The workshop on October 30 featured global volunteering experience abroad as the first extracurricular activity required for premed students in our step-by-step guide to a successful medical school application. Dr. Lorelei Silverman presented tips on securing the best volunteering program, how to maximize the  impact of the experience abroad as well as how to differentiate from other participants in similar programs. Tanya Pattullo, Regional Consultant with CEA Global education, Developing world program, presented their health -related programs. Ken Lee, MSc who was  recently admitted to the Rosalind Franklin Medical School in USA shared his experience in Mexico and China and premed student and member of Models of Human Diseases, Usman Saeed, presented his global experience in Panama City as well as tips on how he fundraised for his trip.  It was followed by an info session by Tom Harkness, Sr. Assoc. Director of Admission from Ross University who delivered a stellar presentation of Ross University as well as an example of one member of Models of Human Diseases, Thyvi, now one of the best students at Ross University. The workshop concluded with Dr. Anonio Rocca, MD. PhD who gave an overview of the MD/PhD program at U of Toronto and presented the challenges as well as the rewards of pursuing it. The workshop was followed by draw for 2 free yoga lessons.

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Here is the link for students to register for  Saturday Jan 12th, 2013 Ross U Information Seminar.
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