MHD and Science Engagement course at University of Toronto Scarborough

We wanted to make a difference in this world…In the Jewish tradition the greatest mitzvah (good dead) of them all is to offer or help a person to get a job.
We started with volunteers, then with Science Engagement students, payed work study positions, one student at a time……11 SE students later , 4 TBI mentees, 9 work study and hundreeds students and biomedical profesional later we did make a difference. Central to our vision is the advancement of education and enhancement of their student life.
We rejoiced with their remarkable accomplishements and encouraged them when they failed, we recognized their leadership and contribution and rewarded their excellence. Since its inception the initiative had a considerable impact upon the students. They share our passion for global health. The high quality of the initiative we involved them was recognized by Canadian and International Founding agencies such as CIHR and DMM. This free educational platform have equipped them with knowledge and skills, but most importantly they learned to improve and we empovered them with the most important quality:-learn to constantly improve because only this way they can be assured of succes.