Medical School Application workshop 2

Our second workshop “How can I get in Medical School this year?- Letters of reference and Ideal CV” was held on July 25, 2012. Attended by more than 80 students interested in applying for medical school, the free workshop started with Dr. Lorelei Silverman’ s presentation entitled “How to get the best letters of references for medical school or for scholarship applications: a step by step guide and practical resources”. The coaching session sparked numerous qustions from the audience related to how to choose the referees and obtain the best letters of reference. Next, our invited speaker, Dr. Roeland Thomas, Dean of  St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine provided insights about the admission and selection process from the medical
education provider perspective and gave an overview of his Medical School Program, stressing the low tuition fee, OSAP, the research program, and patents obtained. For more information visit  Throughout the workshop Dr. Thomas contributed enormously to the discussions, answered questions, and offered advice. It was obvious that he has a passion for educating the next generation of physicians and he stressed the fact that medicine is a vocation and not a job: a rewarding career, but also a difficult one. Next Mrs. Maureen Mcllveen from City CPR course presented an introduction to CPR course. The extremely informative presentation engaged the audience and showed the importance of being trained for saving lives and taking the course especially for those interested in a medical school application and career.
“How I got in med school” featured Nardeen Kodous, a second year medical student from University of Western Ontario Medical School and a successful past participant in the program and a member of Models of Human Diseases group.  The presentation gave the opportunity to the audience to follow her successful journey, share tips, and advice for resoucefulness, resilience, interview skills and determination. Mima Markicevis, our Science Engagement student and member of Models of human Diseases briefly presented her decision  to attend an of-shore Medical School.
Dr. Rosalind Silverman presented a comprehensive overview of the application requirements as well as “The ideal CV software” for personalized resume screening for medical school application and offered guidance in creating individual strategical plans designed to maximize the success rate of candidates.  The Ideal Medical School Application Software is a novel tool that assesses resumes, indicates weakness and missing activities, as well as offer opportunities to improve it for a successful application. Students benefited from practical information about how to implement various strategies to improve their resume, interview skills and application and determine the best medical schools to apply based on candidate credentials.  The workshop was followed by ample opportunities to ask questions and share experiences during Q and A discussion which extended for more than 3 hours.  Technical and organizatorical assistance from premed student Hasan Bilal aand taping of the worksop (available for viewing in the near future) by premed student Robin Vigoreaux, both members of the Models of Human Diseases, are warmly acknowledged. Cookies and refreshments  provided by St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine and giveaways were distributed. Three lucky participants won three 1 hour yoga classes coupons handed out by Dr. Roeland Thomas, Dean of  St. Martinus University Faculty of Medicine, based on the correct answer to calculating the speed of sneezing: ).


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