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Join us for our special NACOSCE intensive 2 day course, exceptional NACOSCE mocks, CASPER intensive course, CDM, and ethics workshops, as well as our ongoing NAC, QE1, TDM, IELTS, PLAB, and USMLE courses. 
Our courses are offered onsite and live online, they are modular and you pay as you go. We offer discounts for those who take 10 or 20 sessions.
4773 Yonge street 5th floor unit 5L
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Intensive NACOSCE the best review course in Canada for IMGs (CSAs and FMGs)
August 24th and August 25th, 11 am to 9pm 

NACOSCE mock (SP, the most detailed feed-back) 
September 6th-10th
$125/ half and $250/full

Intensive CASPer course -avoid the mistake of not taking the CASPer and not being able to apply to several programs and provinces
August 22nd and August 23rd, 7pm-10pm 
3 Mocks available, the best prep course

The only company that offers one stop for all courses & advising that make a difference!

QE1, USMLE step 2CK, USMLE step3 Sat&Sun $100/day
QE2- intensive 5 sessions evenings $100/session
NACOSCE, USMLE step 2CS evenings $100/session
TDM intensive course -7 sessions 100/session evenings
PLAB intensive course 5 sessions 100/sesion evenings
Clinical research, telemedicine, health care management

4773 Yonge street, 5th floor, unit 5L (2 subways, at 401)Register at
Drs. Silverman have personally helped countless of IMGs (CSAs and FMGs) to match, get fellowships, practice ready or MLPIMG or into medical and dental schools (application, personal statement, CV, references, 40 projects for CV-200 $ package for those who take the entire course) See some of our success stories at
interview prep and mock (panel, MMI, MPI, PBL) $300 package
Premed, postbac (the only in Canada), prerequisite for 120 med schools in Canada, USA, UK, Caribbean, Australia-100% acceptance with 3.1million dollars scholarships in 2015-2019


Happy 100 years Afghanistan!

Celebrating 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day with our premedical students and IMGs Happy Independence Day to our premed students and instructors (special one for Abdul (examiner) and his brother Abdul (premed) who follow the path of their father who was a doctor too!

Celebrating the birthday of our premedical students

On saturday we celebrated a very special birthday 19 for our premedical student at Medical Education Programs Gabi alongside his colleagues and his most amazing, warm family! The pool party was perfect from the Range rover car /birthday cake with Dr. Gabi license plate to food, from the pool to music. Happy birthday future Dr. Gabi!

From Calvin klein model to cardiologist

From Calvin Klein model to cardiologist!…. Our former student Liron from the premedical program who is soon leaving to attend the 5th semester at Xavier U Medical School stopped by like always to share his journey with our students!!! Soon he will be the 5th generation of physicians in the family and follow in the footsteps of his father a great cardiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital! People did not believe that one can exchange the glamour of modelling (see some shots ) to serve the sick, but we always had faith that people can have multiple facets and what counts in life is to be true to your passions and dedicate to each fully no matter what they can be and the success and mental rewards will follow! See also his pic the day he got in med school, we dressed him with the white coat and called his family to see a new modelling picture! Tears of joy when the new “modelling” picture was a doctor image! Looking forward to the celebration when you will become doctor!!!!!!

Medical School summer camp Skin cancer awareness campaign Flowers for Cures 2019

On July 30 we increased awareness about skin cancer during our medical school summer camp. Beautiful Diana joined us in this campaign part of our Global project Flowers for Cures. Thank you to all our doctors who take our NACOSCE and QE1 and clinical research courses from Saba, MUA, Queen’s University Belfast, Syria, Indonisia, Bangladesh, Iran, Dominican Republic, Iran, Honduras, etc who inspired our premed students in our medical school summer camp and taught physical examination and medical history to our premedical students in the Medical school summer camp organized by Drs Silverman and Medical Education Programs They all received a certificate of excellence in teaching and mentoring from MEP #saba#mua #medicalschool#premedtoronto#postbactoronto#medicalschoolontario. Enjoy the rest of summer sun in a safe way!!!!

More success stories for Drs Silverman students

It feels so great when our students at Medical Education Programs are successful and start their journey to their schools. We had 4 different students with 4 different success stories yesterday…David our amazing, talented, hard working pre dental student will start Rutgers dental school next week and came to say good bye bringing us the gifts and treats and the best gift of all : his success with us! Kaylin, our dear international premedical student from Korea will start medical school in August at SGU with 100000 scholarship…the beautiful miniature origami of a Korean traditional building and artisanal jewelry boxes were such a nice touch to her always smiling presence….can not be more proud…Nikoo from our advising division got accepted into U of T and Waterloo pharmacy school, what a dedicated student…can never forget your lego shaped pharmacy school and pharmacists!!!!!!!!!!!!.Reyaneh…what a success story!! after working for AUC for some time she became our prelaw student in our advising company and today we can proudly say that Reyaneh will be called to bar in September…can not wait to celebrate with her family and friends at a party so well deserved!!! Join Drs. Silverman and Medical Education Programs and become successful in any professional field of your choice:medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law and all others !
Below are some testimonials: Thank you so much Drs Silverman for all your dedicated help. I couldn’t have done it without your special care! I am so excited to begin my journey to become a dentist! I will be thinking of you both at Rutgers school of dental medicine, Love , David 
Dear Dr. Silverman I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your students. You always helped me in my hour of need. I appreciate your hard work. Owing to your efforts, I had a good result. I have learned so many things from you! In my several years of high school and then in your premedical program you guys have served well as my guide not just in my academics but in general. Once again, thank you for everything you have done for me. Best regards, Siyeon (Kaylin)
I just got the news I’ve passed my final exam and I am going to be called to the bar in September. It happened all because of you too. When can I come by your offices to say my thanks? The journey is complete. I am working at a firm and I am happy. ! Sincerely , Reyaneh
I have good news! I got admission from both UofT and Waterloo pharmD. I accepted UofT’s offer 

I wanted to once again thank you both for your help and guidance. If anyone asks for such a service, your name is the first one that comes to my mind 

🙂 Nikoo


Congratulations to more of our premedical and postbac students who will start medical school in AUgust and September …Arvin was accepted into SGU with 82,000 USD scholarship and Jyotsna and Jason with 100000 each, Saleem was accepted into AUA,…So many more will update within the next days! So proud of each of you! With these we have now over 4 million dollars in scholarships form our partner medical schools in the last 5 years!