Congratulations to our premeds, postbacs and IMGs

Congratulations to Medical Education Programs premed and IMGs who make us proud every day! Our premedical, postbac and prerequisite course students and our IMGs continue to achieve great success every day! Congratulations to Jason for getting into Wayne medical school in USA, such a big accomplishment see his testimonial video on our social media at, Eman for getting into dental school in Louisville dental school (see her testimonial video) and Laila into Rutgers, Minnesota and Midwestern Arizona dental schools in USA, Jake and Syia (see her testimonial video)for getting into Nova DO in USA, to Madie, Aretti, Dylan, Abinaya, and Devi for getting into SGU medical school Global scholar program with CAD 676,000 scholarships. Thank you for the amazing recognition and support to our students, SGU! Congratulations to our IMGs Mariam and Michael for getting fellowships -Michael in Anesthesiology, to Aysha and Sam who got accepted into Queen’s Family medicine masters, and to so many of our IMGs who passed to the second MLPIMG interview and got interviews in family medicine in Ontario, BC , and psychiatry interview invitations in Ontario, McGill and Saskatchewan! So proud of all of you! Looking forward to share more great news next week! Join Medical Education Programs, learn about what we offer and become our next success story!

NACOSCE and MCCQE1 courses

Join Starmed Medical Education Programs ‘s Dr. silverman and the best instructors in Canada and achieve high scores in your NAC and MCCQE1!
Courses are delivered in class and online LIVE using state of the art broadcasting technology with shared electronic screen around the globe.
* NAC course starts December 4th and is delivered weekly for 12 sessions followed by intensive review and mocks.
* QE1 is every Saturday and Sunday (full day) for 22 sessions followed by 4 days of CDM .
Join us and become another success story! See some of the IMGs who were helped by Drs Silverman to license in Canada.
* All IMGs and CSAs who take full courses are eligible fro a 200 CV and statement package with Dr. Silverman and 40 free projects to increase the impact of your CV!
* Pay as you go options! Full licensing loans of up to 15000 can cover all your courses, books, exams fees (available to newcomers only)
*NAC and QQE1 is delivered in our midtown campus in Toronto at Yonge and Sheppard 3 min from 401 with Yonge/Sheppard subway entrance in the building!

Rememberance day and Movember

Remembrance day and Movember, thanking those who gave their lives for a brighter future and advocating to save as many affected by male diseases during Movember campaign . Our premedical and postbac and IMGs participate in increasing awareness and supporting Movember campaign Starmed Medical Education Programs Drs Silverman shared a few of the paintings they made for this occasion#medschool #premedtoronto #premedicaltoronto #prerequisitetoronto #medicinecanada #sgu #stgeorgemedicalschool #ross #aua #mua #umhsstkitts #xavier #mcat #dat #sgu #aucmedschool #internationalstudents #internationalstu #uoftpremed #queenspremed #uoitpremed #uwopremed #premedfsu #brock_premed_society #uwinpremedsociety #ubcpremed #medschoolsummercamp


Medical Education Programs pstbaccalaureate and prerequisite students are now busy attending interviews for medical and dental and DO schools in USA. Most already got into Irish, UK, or Australian schools schools but they look forward to achieve success into USA medical schools(because they have the best medical training! and because if they study in USA they do not become IMGs). See here Rachel who completed a short postbac program with us and prerequisite courses, and did a global health mission in Bali. She worked with Drs. Silverman on her application and interview. She got into several UK and Irish schools and is now attending a handful of interviews in med schools in USA. So proud of you! Her best friend from Western Madie also got into SGU Global scholar program in UK. Don’t we have the sweetest, smartest, premed students? Drs. Silverman even received a Thank you letter for their references letters from Western med school in USA to thank us for recommending Farigol to their program! You know when we do something good when US medical schools thank us for endorsing our brightest students and helping them achieving the greatest success!!!! To more and more success stories!

Congratulations to our premedical, predental students and IMGs Toronto and USA

So many success stories in dental school Yousef and Beshay in Canada, in medical school this week (sya in US) for Drs Silverman`s students! Congratulation to Youssef and to Beshay, two dentists from Egypt for getting into Dentistry at U of Toronto in the second year (transfer) and Dalhousie respectively. You made us so proud! We also helped Beshay’s sister Erinei to get into family medicine residency at Queen`s and this year she is a licensed physician and in honeymoon! They worked with Drs Silverman for application, interview, CASPer, etc. #predental #MG #CARMS We will never forget the night we worked on the interview with Yousef until 1 in the morning when the Raptors won. We thought that a new revolution started like in Egypt as there was so much noise on the street but it turned out to be just the celebration when the raptors won!. We went downstairs on the street and joined in celebration! Now is our turn to celebrate our success! Congratulation to Sya from our prerequisite/postbac program for getting into Nova DO. Congratulations to Rachel, Leyla, Huda, Eman, who got a total of 20 interviews in USA for medical and dental school! Every week at Medical Education Programs Drs Silverman and their premed, predental students and IMGs celebrate more and more success stories. We have about 30 more videos of testimonials to upload for this past month only! Stay tuned, and join us and become another success story!

Open house premedical and postbac Toronto Canada

Open house for our premedical program at Medical Education Programs #medschool #premed #premedical #prerequisite #medicine #sgu #stgeorgemedicalschool #ross #aua #mua #umhsstkitts #xavier #mcat #dat #sgu #aucmedschool #internationalstudents #internationalstu #uoftpremed #queenspremed #uoitpremed #uwopremed #premedfsu #brock_premed_society #uwinpremedsociety #ubcpremed #usmlestep1